Saturday, January 12, 2008

Clamshell Creation

The Angel Company packages their rubber stamps in plastic 'clamshell' boxes. The boxes tend to pile up and Angie issued a challenge over at PW. Her challenge was to come up with creative uses/projects for clamshell boxes. I designed a piece of artwork that could be displayed inside of the smallest clamshell box, the GWP box (Gift With Purchase). The GWP boxes have have a little hanging tab, so I tied ribbon across the top of it and then the little box can be hung up to display.

To add dimension to my artwork, I layered my Starburst Floral images by placing pop dots between the layers. I also used pop dots to raise the butterfly wings. For a closer look, just click the images.

Check out more clamshell creations in the Paper Wings Gallery Contest section.

Starburst Florals
Spring Dream
Miss Moxie (Soar With It Collection)
L'Amore Palette ink
Noir Palette ink
red cardstock
misc. ribbon
small clamshell box
pop dots


kssdesigns said...

This is a great little design!

Nancy Grant said...

Wonderful and pretty!