Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's been too long since my last post. I've been too busy. Christmas break has begun and I did a ton of cardmaking today. I got this crazy idea to make up some cards for my aunts' for Christmas. Just three aunts, but then I had to add in my Grandma and two girl cousins and my cousin's list quickly grew to 8. After more than 10 hours of creating....yes more than 10, I designed and created 16 different cards. Each person will receive 4 cards (2 of each design). Originally, I planned on giving them 6 cards each, but my hubby talked me into keeping one of each card for myself to put in my portfolio. I also created a box for each set of cards and to my horror realized that I made the boxes to fit the cards and not the I just tied the envies to the bottom of each box. I'm soooo happy with how they all turned out. I hope I still have some creative juices left. :)

The cards shown above are just two of the sets I created. I'll share the rest of them when I have some more time. The pink paper on the first two cards is paper that I found in the scrapbook isle at Target. They have some really pretty paper. I love groupings of three- I like how the card on the right turned out. The bottom right card (with the bird) was watercolored by my hubby. He's an artist and I turn to him for color choices. I just got my 'bird' stamp set in the mail the other day. It's something new for me...birds, woodsy stuff.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

I'm so excited! I'm hosting a Christmas Card workshop next week and I just finished up with my card ideas and put them into kits. I've had 13 rsvp's so'll be a full house! I announced it as a free workshop and that I would provide food and drinks. My new year's resolution is to go further with my stamp business. I've been a TAC demo for a little over a year and have done a few workshops, but I'm ready to step it up a little.

The rubber stamps that I used for these cards are from The Angel Company (TAC). My favorite one is the Joy card. I've had the circle alphabet for awhile and just hadn't used it.