Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TAC Seminar

Well, the TAC seminar will begin tomorrow in KC. Back when I decided I wouldn't be going to it was because I didn't know anyone. Sounds a little silly, but it's the reason I'm giving. I've been on the Paper Wings forum for a week now and feel like I know a ton of TAC demo's and soooo wish I was going to seminar now. My DH asked if it was too late to go and I laughed and said yes. What a sweetie...he knows what a big event this is. He was ready to drive me there. The Lord willing, I will plan to go for sure next year. I can't wait to hear back from the ladies that will be attending. I'm so excited for them. There's been a constant buzz of excitement on the forum.

I'm without a camera until Saturday morning. So there won't be any new pics until then. I've been on a sewing kick here lately. I've been working on a couple of small quilts and bought some fat quarters to make a cute little handbag. I'll post pictures when I get everything finished. Thanks for reading!


Nancy Grant said...

Oh, that's so sweet that your husband wants you to go. I'm not going either and I feel the same about everyone else who can go. I'm excited for them all. Yes, maybe next year. Maybe.

Corie said...

Boy your hubby is a keeper. Can't wait 'til you get your camera back -- I want to see what you are working on.

Michelle said...

Oh, sorry you are not going to the TAC seminar. Hopefully your fellow demos that are going will have a chance to upload things for you to see!