Monday, June 18, 2007

Care Package

My sister, Samantha, and three of her friends headed off for church camp today. She hinted around that she wouldn't mind if I sent her a letter or a care package. She was also so kind as to give me the camp address. :) I use to be a camper and always loved it when mom and dad would send me a letter. So, as soon as Samantha headed out the door this morning I got busy putting a package together. I knew I'd have to mail it today so that it would get to her before the week was over.

I personalized four large envelopes and stuffed them full of candy, ink pens, machanical pencils, travel sized kleenex, chapstick and even cute little Snoopy bandaids. Oh, and a pack of their favorite wintergreen mints. They go through those things like crazy!! I love to send letters and packages to people- the girls will be excited to get this. I included a couple of pictures of the envelopes.

I used patterend paper by Sassafras Lass and a rubber stamp by Purple Onion Designs.

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Jennifer Carter said...

Those are so pretty! They will be thrilled!!