Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello Copic Markers!

I've been bitten by the Copic Marker bug. TAC will be offering a Copic Marker promo from Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 and it's been all the buzz among TAC Angels. I thought it would be cool to try the markers out and I remembered that I actually had some in the house. My husband, Chris, is an artist and had bought 3 or 4 Copic Sketch markers about a year ago to use on a project. So, I found them and tried them out...I love them! Chris also has a stash of Prismacolor markers and I pulled them out, too. Why have I not been using these??

This stamp comes from a retired TAC set called 'Joyful Noises'. I stamped my image with Noir Palette ink and then used an Avocado green Prismacolor marker and a Pink (RV11) Copic Sketch marker. I let the first layer of Avocado green dry and then I went back over the left edge of the dress for a little shading. I have a very clean line, linear paper crafting style and I was having trouble with the shading. I asked my husband for some help and he said I needed to be more 'messy' about it. :) That's hard for me to do, but I'll keep working at it.

My 4 Copic Sketch markers...can't wait to purchase more!!
Chris's Prismacolor markers...a fun addition to my crafting supplies.


A_MOMS_LIFE said...

So jealous!! I am slowly collecting prismamarkers!

Barb said...

Chris's markers... a fine addition to your crafting... that made me giggle out loud, Sarah!