Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Farm

My family and I went to my grandparent's farm this past weekend. The farm is way out in the boonies in central Kansas. I have great memories from that place. There is a creek that runs through the property and I can remember playing in it with my cousins. I also have a few memories of snakes...yuck!!

The farm once belonged to my great grandparents and now my mom's folks own it. My grandparents have done a lot of work to the farm over the years and they always keep everything looking so nice. I love going out there!

Chris and I

I caught a 'little' fish

This is our dog, Murphy. It was his first time to the farm.

Grandma Delores and Pam (Pam is my mom)
Grandpa Ron and Grandma Delores

This is how I put worms on my hook...hey, you do what you gotta do!!

Grandpa Ron (reading an paper from 1982...something my dad dug up)