Friday, September 21, 2007

Coming Soon...Card Kits!

I've been trying to post more often, but I've been very busy here lately. What am I saying? I'm always busy!! :) I'm in the process of creating four card samples for my first ever Card Kit. My plan is to have it available for order by October 1st. I won't give away too much right now, but I will share that it features TAC's beautiful Hemingway patterned paper and two stamp sets. The kit will have everything you need to create 16 cards (four of each design), have some patterned paper left to play with, and of course, two great stamp sets to add to your collection.
(here is a picture of the Hemingway paper)

I do need to give credit to a fellow TAC Angel, Heather Scott, for the wonderful idea of offering card kits. She does amazing work and you really need to check out her blog.

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2 Worlds said...

That is really a great idea to create kits.